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Emergency! & Hyper Japan News ;3

Wow, the past few weeks have been a none stop rollercoster ride ;O

Well for starters, Me and the family had booked a nice Holiday in Wales for August 25th and we had all been looking forward to it for months, so anyway, the week before we go is usually stressful because we have to pack for all 7 of us and get some shopping in and buy some extra things like walking boots etc. So that is always a mad rush, but then, the Wednesday before we were suposed to leave for Wales my older brother was rushed into Hospital with a Pneumothorax (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pneumothorax) So My mum is Freaking out (Even though he is okay, and not in pain or anything) and he was told that he should Hopefully be fine and out by Friday, so Friday came and he was told that he cant leave yet because there is too much air in the space between his lung and the rib cage, so he stayed over night again after being told he should be okay to leave on Saturday and yet again he was let down, after about 2 wek in the hospital he has now been dicharged after having had surgery to sew up the hole in the lung.

So all of this has caused alot of stress, tension and worry with everyone in the family.

So yeah our Holiday in Wales has been canceled but luckily the owner of the cottage understood our situation and is going to let us return for free at the begining of November, WOO for Winter Holiday! XD

So we went to our aunts for the week so at least we got some kind of holiday. She took us shopping and we spent hours in the Disney shop which really brightened up my mood!
All I bought was a little Mulan Mug (Mulan is one of my fave Disney movies)

but now I have tons of Christmas pressent Idea's, it looks like most of my friends and family will be getting a very Disney themed Christmas. ^^

But things are better now and I feel alot better.

Everything has calmed down now, and as a Thankyou for all my help, my parents are going to help fund my next Cosplay which is Paddra Nsu-Yeul from Final Fantasy XIII-2 and I might be able to go to Hyper Japan Christmas this November! So I hope I can go and I am super excited for it!

Me and a friend have decided to apply to Volunteer for the Hyper japan Sunday, we might not get picked but it would be great if we were! I plan to Cosplay as Serah Farron from Final Fantasy XIII again on the Sunday (Haha that weekend is very Final Fantasy Oriented for me XD)

She hopes to get a new cosplay for one of the days, I have been helping her find some Lolita's and there is this one Lolita I have fallen in love with, its very simple but I just love it! Me thinks Imma gonna ask Santa for it this year XDD

But I absolutely LOVE it and if I didnt already have Cosplay plans for Hyper Japan then I would probably pick this, but if my Cosplay like seriously fails by November then this Dress is my back up plan ;3

Other news? Well ive made plans to go see Silent Hill: Revelation 3D with a friend on Halloween, I am seriously looking forward to that since Silent Hill is my latest obsession and I adore the series even if it makes me feel frightened for my life after playing one of the games or watching the movie XD And also because I havent seen my friend for a little over 6 months so it would be great to catch up with her again!

I also plan to see another friend in either October or February, I am seeing her at Hyper Japan anyway but I plan to go up to where she now lives to visit her for a weekend or more, so whenever that happens I am looking forward to it, and she is also welcome down here (Which is we do Hyper Japan then its likely she will be coming down here and then we go up to London together)

So yeah! Good news, Bad news, ALOT of things to list so I havent listed all of it, just the main points really ;3
But I am much happier now, things are finally starting to look up!



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